System Solutions

A Total System approach.

A mobile lifter is usually part of a workflow. By paying attention to the whole workflow and not just the individual lifting of goods, you can usually increase the efficiency. Therefore, Svenema’s aspiration is to develop customized mobile lifters together with specialists in ergonomics. As a result of this we have a wide range of mobile lifters and practical aids that makes the work easier.

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Handling of Rolls

Svenema has a wide range of mobile lifters for handling of different types of rolls in a cleanroom environment. It is important for optimal handling that you take a look at the whole working process. All the way from storage rooms to mounting on the machine.

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Handling of Drums

Svenema has many different solutions to improve the handling of drums, containers, funnels, etc. We customize the lifter to fit your needs in a safe and ergonomic way as well as the hygienic design which minimizes the risk of contamination.

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Handling of Double bags

We have developed a unique, efficient system that minimizes these challenges.

Typically, sterile components such as stoppers are double bagged and moving them to sterile areas for processing presents ergonomic and hygienic challenges.

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Handling of various bags

Increased efficiency and less injuries.

We have many different solutions on how to handle different kinds of bags in an effective and safe way.

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