Our way of working

How do we on Svenema work to get you the best solution then?

We analyse your lifting problem together with you and makes sure to find out the most important qualities that you’re looking for. If necessary, we visit you to see how you work today to get a more understanding of your workflow today and how we can help you to lift in a more ergonomic way.

We make some simple 3D drafts on a solution we think would help you and then we have a discussion with you as a client to know what you think of it. When the solution is set, we make you a quotation with price, concept drawing and 3D drawing. Before we start building the mobile lifter, we make a drawing for your approval.

When the product is in the making, we have a close contact with the people in the workshop, having thorough expositions. We do a FAT before every delivery.

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Focus on hygiene

Because of our focus in cleanroom areas, the design of our lifters is very important. Therefore, all our lifters are made in stainless steel 304 with surface finish Ra 1,4 as standard.

Since many of our lifters are customised you can also choose stainless steel 316 with surface finish Ra 0,8 if you like.

We want to keep a high standard on our lifters and for that reason we’ve chosen to use a clean design with smooth surfaces, polished welds and few joints, all to keep it simple to clean.

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Quality thinking

Our focus on hygiene and to have lifters that are easy to clean has during the years made us able to deliver lifters to customers with the highest demands on hygiene and cleanliness.

We have delivered lifters to the biggest businesses of the pharma industry all around the world.

Svenema is working according to the quality system SS-EN ISO 9001.

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