Material handling in cleanroom areas

Svenema develops, designs and manufactures custom-made mobile lifters.

Since the start 1995 we have delivered mobile lifters to the pharma industry worldwide. Our focus is to manufacture mobile lifters with an ergonomic design for material handling in the pharmaceutical environment.
All of our lifters are constructed in stainless steel with a clean design, suitable for clean room areas where the risk of contamination needs to be minimal.

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Our products

Svenema designs customized mobile lifters to meet our customers requirements. Therefore no two lifters are alike. We assess your work flow to determined how we can increase the efficiency with a customized mobile lifter. Our lifters can handle weights up to 300kg.
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System solutions

All of our lifting solutions are customized. Because of that we can provide you a solution to make your work flow more efficient. We want to see the whole work flow from start to finish so we can give you some ideas on how to increase the efficiency throughout the whole process. Under the category system solutions you’ll find out more about different ways to handle goods and how we’ve helped increase the efficiency.

Our way of working

How do we at Svenema work to get our customer the best solution?

We analyse your lifting problem together with you and aspire to come up with the most ergonomic solution for your requirements. If necessary, we visit your company to get a better understanding on how you work today.

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Focus on hygiene

Due to our focus in cleanroom areas, the design of our lifters is very important. Therefore, all our lifters are produced in stainless steel 304 with surface finish Ra 1,4 as standard.

Since many of our lifters are customized you can also...

Quality certificate

Our focus on hygiene and to provide lifters that are easy to clean has throughout the years enabled us to deliver lifters to our customers with extremely high demands on hygiene and cleanliness.

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Since the start of 1995, Svenema AB has developed lifting equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Our ambition is to be a long term partner for an ergonomic material handling in clean room areas. Your challenges in demanding environments involves Svenema.
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